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Reviewing your insurance

Life doesn’t stay the same. You might partner up or part ways, have kids, change jobs, get a pay rise or reduce your work hours. As you navigate changes in your life, it’s important to take a look at your insurance cover and check that it still fits the bill for you and the people you care about.

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Make sure your insurance is still a good fit

Changes in your life can mean you need different things from your insurance at different times. If you've already got insurance but it’s been a while since you took it out, you should make sure it's still right for you.

You might want to consider how your cover fits within your budget and check that you're prioritising the cover that's most important to you to ensure that you get the most value.

When you originally got the cover, what did you want it to achieve if something happened to you?

If those reasons or your dependents have changed since then, you may want to consider changes to your insurance.

Has something changed in your life?

If anything has changed, you should check that your cover is still right for you. For example, have you thought about what might change if you:

Get a promotionGet married or divorcedBuy your first home or an investment property
Change occupationsHave a babyCan't keep up with the cost of living
Reduce your work hoursNeed to support elderly parentsTake on the responsibility of new financial dependents

Why you should consider changes to your insurance

What are my next steps?

Here are some simple steps to figure out what cover you might need based on your current circumstances.

Calculate what cover you might need

Use the Life & Living Insurance estimator to help you work out what cover you might need in order to look after your lifestyle and your loved ones. You'll find out what types of cover you could consider, and how much it could cost.

Note: Please be aware that the Life & Living Insurance estimator may provide an indicative premium that's different to the actual premium you'll pay, as some personal factors won't be taken into account, for example any existing premium loadings that may apply to your current premiums. Due to employment factors, not all customers will be eligible for Income Protection Illness cover.

Check your current cover

Check your policy schedule to see what cover you already have in place, call us on 0800 555 642 - option 3 or email [email protected].

Compare the difference

Compare the estimated cover you might need with what you have currently. You may need to increase, decrease or remove your cover based on the differences and your individual circumstances. We're on hand to help, just get in touch.

Get in touch

If you'd like to talk through some options to fit your budget, get an indicative premium based on your circumstances, or would like help reviewing your existing cover, you can call our life and living insurance team on 0800 555 642 - option 3.

You can also arrange a call-back to discuss your options over the phone with our life and living specialists.