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I’d like to change my excess

If you're the policyowner (the person named on the Acceptance certificate), you can increase or decrease your excess.

What will change?

Changing your excess may also change your premium (the amount you pay for your cover). Usually, a higher excess means a lower premium. 

Your new excess amount will be applied to any new health conditions that develop after the effective date (the date when your excess amount changes). If you choose to decrease your excess, any existing health conditions you had before this date will be subject to your previous excess amount.

If you purchased your cover through a financial adviser, we’ll provide you with the documents you need to complete or agree to, before your excess can be changed.

How do I change it?

Complete our online form. We'll let you know what excess options are available on your plan and how they will change your premiums.  
We can provide you with advice if you need it, or a new quote for the updated cost if you don't need any assistance.  
When you accept your quote, the new excess will apply from your policy anniversary date (this occurs every year on the month and day your policy started).

Ask to change your excess

If you have a policy with nib Australia and you’d like to change it, you can contact the team via online chat or call 6129692448. Please don't use this form as nib New Zealand are unable to process your request.

One of our advisers can call you to discuss the changes you want to make.

Your personal information provided in this form will only be used for the purposes explained in our privacy policy.