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I’d like to add or remove an option on my policy

If you’re the policyowner (the person named on the Acceptance certificate), you can add or remove one or more options for yourself or any insured member on your policy.

What's an option?

An option is additional cover to your policy, such as non-PHARMAC Plus or Dental & Optical, which you can add to give you more cover at an extra cost. Not all plans offer additional options.

What options are available on my plan?

The options available depend on the plan you have. For example, our non-PHARMAC Plus option can be added to most nib Hospital plans.

You can find most options available on your plan in your Policy document, which is available on my nib or the my nib app. Alternatively, you can find all options available for your plan by using our online search tool to view your plan documents.

How do I add or remove options?

We can provide you with financial advice if you need it, or a new quote for the updated cost if you don't need any assistance.

I'm adding an option
Your premium will increase on your policy’s next billing date to reflect the cost of the option(s) you have added.

If you bought your cover through a financial adviser, some options available to you will need to go through our application process before they can be added to your policy.

I'm removing an option
If we haven't paid a claim to you under the option, simply let us know at least 30 days before you want the option removed.

If you have had a claim paid under the option, we can remove the option at your next policy anniversary date (this occurs every year on the month and day your policy started). Just let us know at least 30 days before that date.

Ask to change your options

If you have a policy with nib Australia and you’d like to make a change, you can contact the team via online chat or call 6129692448. Please don't use this form as nib New Zealand are unable to process your request.

One of our advisers can call you to discuss the changes you want to make.

Your personal information provided in this form will only be used for the purposes explained in our privacy policy.