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I'd like to add or remove a member on my policy

If you’re the policyowner (the person named on the Acceptance certificate), you can add or remove someone on your policy.

Changing the members on your policy may affect your premium. Check the following information before you submit your request. We can give you financial advice and help if you need it, or simply provide you with a new quote for the updated cost.

Who can I add?

You can add the following people: 

  • a partner

  • a dependent child (under 21)

  • a parent

  • a grandchild

They will need to:

  • be eligible for cover

  • be added by the policyowner

  • wait for a specified time period before they can claim on some benefits depending on your policy terms and conditions.

If you bought your cover through a financial adviser, we recommend speaking directly with your adviser as they will be able to help you complete a new application for the person(s) to go through the process to be added to your policy.

Who can remove someone?

If you are the policyowner, you can remove someone or they can ask to remove themselves. When we remove them will be determined by your current payment frequency.

  1. Payment frequency: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
    When we remove them: Next monthly billing date

  2. Payment frequency: Quarterly, bi-annually or annually
    When we remove them: On the same day of the month as your regular billing date

Can they get their own cover?

The person being removed can choose to arrange their own policy within 30 days of their removal. If they do, the terms of their new policy will depend on the plan they choose.

Ask to add or remove someone

If you have a policy with nib Australia and you’d like to make a change, you can contact the team via online chat or call 6129692448. Please don't use this form as nib New Zealand are unable to process your request.

One of our advisers can call you to discuss the changes you want to make.

Your personal information provided in this form will only be used for the purposes explained in our privacy policy.