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Health insurance for your business

Improve workplace wellbeing with tailored cover that includes hospital and everyday treatment.

Group cover for your employees’ health and wellbeing

Group cover for your employees’ health and wellbeing

nib Premier Health Business*

Our comprehensive company health insurance covers your employees for the big expenses, so that they know their health is your priority.

It’s our employer peace of mind plan and includes:

  • Up to $300,000 surgical cover

  • Up to $200,000 medical cover

  • Cancer treatment

  • Specific major diagnostic tests

And for groups of 15 policies or more, all pre-existing conditions are covered immediately including cancer, hip, back, knee and heart conditions.

What will your employees be covered for under nib’s corporate health insurance?*

For more details about our workplace health solutions refer to the Premier Health Business Fact Sheet

TickCancer surgeries and treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)

TickHeart surgery

TickHip and knee surgeries

TickSkin lesion surgeries

TickAppendix surgery

TickSinus and nasal surgeries

TickGP minor surgeries

TickNon-surgical hospitalisation e.g. asthma

TickSpecific major diagnostic tests

TickTonsil, adenoids and grommets

TickExtraction of wisdom teeth

Health Tip

Plus, flexibility to choose...

You and your employees can then choose additional cover for Specialist, GP, Dental & Optical, Proactive Health or Serious Condition Lump Sum. Not everybody needs to have the same level of cover.

*This is a summary of some of the benefits in Premier Health Business. Terms, conditions and general exclusions apply, and these can be found in the policy document. Waiting periods may apply for some benefits.

Health Management

Why choose nib for company health insurance?

Health Management

Why choose nib for company health insurance?

As well as supporting members through treatment, nib health insurance also focuses on protecting and maintaining good health. With our range of online tools, specialist support options, tailored health programmes and partnership events, we enable you to deliver a total workplace health and wellbeing solution.

We'll be in touch with information on health insurance for your organisation. You can see our privacy policy here

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